White Wine Styles

There's so much variety in the world of white wine that you can always find something new to discover!


Light and Crisp | Wine Station

Light & Crisp

These whites are known for their quenching character and crisp acidity. Fresh, light and invigorating, their flavours will remind you of green herbs, citrus and green apple. They’re social sippers and great with many different dishes.



Off-Dry and Fruity | Wine Station
Off-dry & Fruity

You’ll love these wines for their kiss of sweetness. They have fruit-forward aromas and flavours. Think ripe apple, fresh peach and juicy melon, balanced by a pleasant acidity.



Aromatic and Flavourful | Wine Station
Aromatic & Flavorful

These whites are true show-stoppers! Their bold, exotic fruit flavours of lychee, papaya and mango shine through. With thrillingly intense floral aromas, these wines have personality to spare. 



Full Bodied and Rich | Wine Station

 Full-bodied & Rich

Meet the most flavourful whites! They have a luxurious texture, often described as “buttery.” They have nutty, vanilla and spice notes thanks to oak-barrel ageing. Their fullness makes them an excellent choice for rich food. 






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