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Wine Station is an urban winery that works with winemakers to create quality wines from varietal juices and grape skins from around the world. We are a proud family business committed to producing Ottawa's greatest wines incorporating both New World advances and Old World traditions.

Established in 1992, Wine Station has served Ottawa and surrounding areas for 30 years. We have become one of the largest on-premise wineries in Ontario and have assisted our customers make hundreds of thousands of bottles a year. 

Making wine with us does not require any prior knowledge about winemaking--all you need to know is that you enjoy drinking wine. Our staff will work with you to choose the right wine to suit your personal tastes. We want to help you make great wine that you'll enjoy and want to share with friends and family. 

Located at 2400 Bank Street in Ottawa's South End, we are easily accessible from all parts of the city and the surrounding communities.

Wine making at Wine Station

Getting Started
Making your own great quality wine is as fun and easy; anyone can do it. Let us show you how!

Wine List

We offer more than 170 different varieties of wine that can be made on-site, or at home. Browse all of our wines here

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about winemaking? Check out our FAQ section or contact us to learn more.


We will show you how easy it is to make your own wine.

15-20 minutes of your time is all you need to make quality wine. It's that easy @ the Wine Station

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