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Aging is the key to adding more aroma, flavour, character and especially quality to your wines. All of our wines will improve with a minimum of three months of aging and will continue to improve over time. How long this improvement will successfully continue depends on factors such as the type of wine and the conditions under which it is stored.

As a rule, the more intensely flavoured and darker a wine is, the longer it will benefit from aging. Use the guide below to give you a general idea of the suggested aging periods for our wines.


Suggested Aging Periods by Wine Series

Island Mist and Niagara Mist                       Drinkable at bottling time Holds up to one year                       
Classic  Whites Minimum 1 month Maximum one year
Classic Reds Minimum 2 months Maximum one year
Reserve Whites & Limited Edition Whites Minimum 1-3 months Maximum 1-2 years
Reserve Reds & Limited Edition Reds Minimum 3-6 months Maximum 2-3 years
Private Reserve Whites Minimum 2-4 months Maximum 2-3 years
Private Reserve Reds Minimum 6-9 months Maximum 3-4 years
On the house Whites Minimum 1 month Maximum 18 months
On the house Reds Minimum 2 months Maximum 2 years




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