Frequently asked questions about bottling

The entire bottling process from washing to corking takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Our automatic bottle fillers and pneumatic corking machines make this process very easy and enjoyable.

Yes, we provide the equipment for sanitizing your bottles. A great way to maintain the cleanliness of your bottles is to rinse them once they have been emptied and then pop them back in your box..  Store the clean bottles upside down to avoid contamination. Labels can be removed at this time or you can leave them on and recycle them again.

Choosing the "proper" bottle colour for your wine may not be as crucial as you think. The most important thing for any wine is that it should be stored out of direct sunlight to protect it from the harmful effects of light. Proper storage will protect the wine no matter what the colour of the bottle.

There are some traditional colours associated with certain types of wine. For example, dark green is generally used for red wines. White wines and blush wines are often bottled in clear glass, so the colour of the wine can be appreciated. Different countries and regions have different traditions. In North America, most producers prefer green or brown glass, precisely to prevent light getting through to the wine.

Yes, we can accommodate all types of wine bottles from small 375ml bottles to magnum bottles; we can fill just about anything. 

Yes, our bottle fillers and corkers will work with commercialy-made screw-top bottles.  You can also purchase new screw-top bottles if you prefer to cap this way.

Sparkling wines require the use of thicker-walled bottles in order to handle the excess pressure. Champagne-style bottles, plastic PET bottles, or Grolsch style bottles are available for storing your sparkling wines or ciders.

We will show you how easy it is to make your own wine.

15-20 minutes of your time is all you need to make quality wine. It's that easy @ the Wine Station

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