Red Wine Styles

There's so much variety in the world of red wine that you can always find something new to discover!


Light Bodied and Fruity | Wine Station
Light-bodied & Fruity 

If you’re new to red wine, this is a great place to start. These easy-drinking wines are fresh and fruity, with bright berry flavours. They’re great anytime sippers.


Medium Body and Fruity | Wine Station
Medium-bodied & Fruity

Not too heavy, not too light, this is a very popular style of red. These versatile crowd-pleasers are deliciously balanced, with fruit-forward flavours and a casual, go-with-anything style.  



Full Bodied | Wine Station


Ready to explore? Try these velvety smooth, mouth-filling reds, with intense, dark-fruit flavours. Often aged in oak barrels, they can have soft tannins, spice and vanilla. This style includes some of the most popular varietals in the world.  




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