Our Process

Wine Making at Wine Station

Before the introduction of modern stemmer-crushers, people have made wine by stomping grapes with their feet. Today we receive varietal juices and grape skins that have already been pressed, so you don't need to get your feet dirty--just sprinkle the yeast into the varietal juice and leave the rest to us!

Cellar Work

Over the course of the next four to six weeks we’ll be watching as we convert the grape juice into wine through the process of fermentation.  Technical information: Fermentation occurs when the yeast consumes the sugar in the fresh juice and converts it into alcohol.  Once the initial fermentation has taken place the wine will go through the processes of racking, fining and filtering. While we do use our sight, smell and taste to track all of the wines to completion, we also use advanced computer software which tracks each and every wine we make.  We always know where your wine is, its stage of fermentation, and when you are scheduled to bottle the finished product. Each wine receives individual attention.


Once the hard work has been completed, your wine is ready to move out of the cellar and into a bottle, where it will begin to age until you are ready to enjoy it. 

The bottling process involves transferring the wine into bottles through a pressurized pump and hose system which automatically fills the bottles. New bottles can be purchased on-site, or you can use your own recycled bottles. We will help you sterilize your bottles before you fill them with wine. Corks are included in the price of the wine, and we also carry various other stopping devices, including rubber stoppers and screw tops. 

Corking is done with an automated cork machine, which operates at the touch of a button. Decorative caps and labels are available to give the bottles a professional look. In addition to regular labels, we can make custom labels to personalize your own vintage. Personalized labels are great for weddings, parties, or other social events. 

Our Commitment

After 20 years of winemaking we have become one of the largest on-premise wineries in Ontario and make hundreds of thousands of bottles a year. We were among the first to offer the service of wine making to everyday wine enthusiast who loved the idea of knowing what went into their wines and choosing to uphold a long lasting tradition of making wine.  We are looking forward to the continued evolution of wine making and will continue to be at the forefront of new technologies and wine making techniques.  We invite you to continue the tradition of wine making and try it for yourself.  We guarantee that you’ll love your wine! 

Let us show you how easy it is to make your own wine.

15-20 minutes of your time is all you need to make quality wine. It's that easy @ the Wine Station

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