Eclipse has the highest single strength juice and varietal content of any Winexpert wine kit past or present. This in combination with added grape skins on most of the red wines as well asa change in oak and yeast processes on some styles ensures Eclipse wines are comparable to commercial wines delivering outstanding varietal character, structure and intensity of flavour. 

Eclipse Highlights

Highest single strength and varietal content 

Varietal specific grape skins for added tannin colour and flavour 

premium tannins and optimized alcohol levels deliver full-bodied structured wines 

Optimized and dual yeast processes for outstanding aromatics 

Refined and two stage oaking providing additional flavour and complexity 

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Wine Station Favorites

      Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon                          Italian Piedmont Barolo                    Sonoma Valley Dry Creek Chardonnay 
             $173.95 / 28-30 750ml Bottles                       $173.95 / 28-30 750ml Bottles                         $163.95 / 28-30 750ml Bottles