Wine and Food Pairings

What you are looking for is harmony and balance in your pairing. Wine on its own tastes different than when it is paired with food. If it is complementary, wine can impart its flavours to a dish, thereby giving the food an added layer, or food can lend its flavours to the wine. If they clash, or if one overpowers the other, the experience will under whelm and disappoint and can sometimes lead to flavours that are not present in either.

With the right pairing, wine and food can combine to give your palate great pleasure. 


Hearty Winter Salads 
Featuring Australian Traminer-Riesling and Australian Chardonnay

Spanish Tapas
Featuring Spanish Rioja and Spanish Tempranillo 

Game Night
Featuring Gewurztraminer

Date Night
Featuring Chilean Pinot Noir, Ice Wine, and Sparkling Wine