Wine & Food

Although wine is a wonderful drink to unwind with after a long day or to share with friends, it also has many other delicious uses such as enhancing the flavour of foods that you are pairing it with or adding to your favourite recipe.

We have put together a list of our favorite pairings, cooking recipes, and drink recipes that we're sure you'll enjoy!


  Wine and Food Pairings

Whether you're throwing a dinner party or ordering take-out, we can help complement the food with the wine.  It's not just about wine and cheese any more!


  Drink Recipes

A good bottle of wine is wonderful on its own, but can also make a great mixed drink. Check out some of these recipes the next time you have a group of friends together.  Some of these drink recipes may surprise you! 


  Cooking with Wine

Love to cook? Try some of our favourite cooking with wine recipes.  See how using your own Wine Station wine can add a delicious something special to already great dishes.


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