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                     Special Offers                         

There's always something new and exciting coming down the grapevine. Whether it's one of our new Limited Edition wines, or something fresh in for summer, you won't want to miss these wines. 

   WINE STATION's Annual Specialty Port Collection.

Our favourite Chocolate Raspberry Port is BACK!  Year after year this has been a hit and continues to please us all.  Available in full size twenty-eight to thirty 375ml bottles or 'Just a Taste' ten 375ml bottles.  If you haven't tried the award winning Chocolate Raspberry Port, now is the time.  

New this year to the specialty port collection are the Black Forest Port and the Crème Brulée Port.  Also, available in the full size or Just a Taste.  We only have a set number of ports from our supplier, don't be disappointed make sure you have a chance to make this collection!    


  2018 Limited Edition Wines

Five Renowned Regions, Five Spectacular Wines!  View this year's Limied Edition Wine Collection. 

LE18 Wines


  Best Sellers

Our winemakers have decided: These wines have proved year after year to be true crowd pleasers. If you're new to winemaking, and even if you're not, you'll want to check out these great wines.  


  Staff Favorites

In order to make the best recommendations possible to our winemakers, it is important that we taste every wine available. In doing so we are able to select only the best wines for everyone to enjoy, including for our own friends and family. It's a tough life. In this section a few of our wine experts talk about what's in their cellars and what they look for when selecting a wine. 


  Coupons & Deals

Present one of these special offers to receive big savings on your next batch of wine at Wine Station!